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Great tips to help individuals look after their psychological wellbeing. Created for Mental Health Awareness Week 2017
Many workplace health and wellbeing programmes do not tackle the problem of enduring under-performance, caused by events and behaviours that hijack the concentration of individuals and, if persistent and intense, can make them feel psychologically ill with anxiety, depression and stress. Alternatively, programmes that focus on the psychological wellbeing needs of people provide the opportunity for a real and sustained effect of improving productivity and performance at work.
In this article, Derek looks at the steps organisations can take to create the sort of organisation culture which prevents employees feeling they have no alternative but to blow the whistle.
This code set outs the attitude and behaviours expected of managers in order to build and sustain an Adaptive Culture as the context in which staff thrive, perform at their optimum, are engaged with their organisation, are energised to contribute, and derive personal and professional fulfilment.
The charter lays out the attributes that all leaders, managers and employees have a right to expect from their organisation covering clear vision and purpose, culture, manager behaviours and expectations for the workforce.
In this article, Derek looks at how managers can a) get the best possible performance from their teams to do justice to the investment in their intelligence, curiosity, skills, knowledge and experience; and b) get the best possible performance from themselves to do justice to the investment in their own intelligence, curiosity, skills, knowledge and experience.
In this paper, Derek describes his WellBeing and Performance Agenda, a framework which provides a systemic (organisation wide) approach to create the conditions for high level performance. The overall aim of the Agenda is to make the workplace a fabulous and high performing place to work

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