Transforming threats into challenges; overcoming challenge and moving on without experiencing stress.

Understanding Resilience

Resilience is mainly about making a conscious effort to transform potentially adverse events into challenges that arouse us to overcome them, without any residual feeling of distress.

The more threatening the challenge appears to you, the more you need to be resilient.

image of manager explaining resilience

Find out how resilient you are

To help you understand more about resilience, and about how resilient you are, try our free Short Personal Resilience Questionnaire by clicking on the button.

Online Resilience Programmes

Long Personal Resilience Questionnaire

This programme examines your level of resilience by challenging you with 40 questions, 5 for each of the elements introduced in the Short Personal Resilience QuestionnaireThe programme anaylses your responses, provides feedback and advice, where appropriate, on how you could enhance your levels of resilience.

Price per user: £9

Personal Resilience Training Programmme.

This programme develops on the concepts introduced by the questionnaires, and provides you with additional resources to further develop your personal resilience. The programme consists of 8 modules, one for each element of the Resilience Development Framework, described in the Short Personal Resilience Questionnaire.

Price per user: £35

Resilience is a choice

Resilience is a choice. You can decide to be resilient or not, depending on the answer to the question ‘what’s in it for me?’ - a question you pose yourself consciously or unconsciously every time you come across a challenging event or difficult behaviour.

Many organisations see personal resilience as a panacea for dealing with the turbulence of organisational life. It isn’t. Resilience can only go so far.

image of manager explaining resilience
image of manager explaining resilience

Achieving Peak Performance

To achieve peak performance, leaders, managers and organisations must endeavour to prevent the events and poor behaviours that may trigger the need for resilience, and provoke positive attitudes within the workforce towards work, their manager and the organisation.

Taking a lead is a leader development programme for all levels of leaders. It is available as a workshop style programme and is available as a MAS Publication.

Programmes supporting Resilience Development

  • Taking a Lead
  • Mentoring with Derek Mowbray
  • Resilience - the Whole Picture
  • Resilience Masterclass for Champions of Wellbeing and Performance.
  • Strengthening Personal Resilience
  • Team Resilience
  • Strengthening Personal Resilience Train-the-Trainer Programme

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