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Title: Derek Mowbray's guide to Organisational Resilience
Subject Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Publisher MAS Publishing Ltd
Published on July 2017
Binding Ring Bound
No of Pages 109
ISBN 978-0-9573835-8-6
Price £14.99

The Guide to Organisational Resilience

This Guide examines the psychological environment in which the leaders and workforce are expected to work and makes the link between the psychological environment and the performance of the organisation's people.

It focuses on the organisation as one with a positive culture, timely responsiveness, enhanced reputation, consistent peak performance, and a socially engaged workforce.

Organisations must be strong and flexible to survive and be successful. Organisations must be resilient against external and internal pressures for change and be able to face up to, and overcome, challenges to their survival. Whilst some external risks cannot be controlled, internal risks that will impact negatively on the organisation’s success such as culture, responsiveness, performance, workforce engagement, can be controlled.

The development of organisational resilience is based on generating commitment, trust, social engagement, kinship, motivation and concentration in the workforce and those who lead and manage the organisation.

The approach to strengthening organisational resilience against adaptive risks (adaptive resilience) is to create the working environment that provokes individuals in the workforce to feel psychologically well.

There is a direct link between individual performance and their psychological wellbeing. High level performance comes from people who can focus and concentrate of their work. People can only do this if they feel so psychologically well they are energised, highly motivated and engaged, and want to see their organisation achieve, and maintain, great success. Psychological wellbeing helps the workforce become flexible and able to adapt more readily to changing requirements. They are, also, more willing to ‘go the extra mile’ because of their engagement with achieving success for the organisation. Organisational success rubs off on individuals. It is a sensation that makes people feel so great they want to repeat the sensation.

This Guide focuses on the psychological environment in which the leaders and workforce are expected to work.

In the Guide you will find frameworks, questionnaires and exercises to help with the development of your organisation into one that is resilient, with a psychologically healthy workforce performing consistently at its peak.

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