Leadership Development

Developing leader behaviours and skills to achieve high performance organisations and teams.

What Makes a Good Leader ?

A good leader Takes a Lead.

A good leader has personality, courage, clear vision with ambition to succeed.

A good leader encourages the team to perform to their optimum all the time and drives organisational success.

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Attributes and traits of a good leader

  • A good leader has the ability of the ethical person to shine through to leadership
  • A good leader has the ability to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and experience to undertake the tasks expected from them, both in terms of the job that is required to be completed, but with respect to their contribution to the wider organisation
  • A good leader adopts a leadership style that lends itself to ethical considerations, for example transformational and adaptive styles – both of which engage followers in the decision making processes
  • A good leader has the motivation to prevent harm to anyone
  • A good leader ensures a safe place of work for staff
  • A good leader has respect for the law and regulations
  • A good leader maintains and develops skills, knowledge and experience in themselves and others
  • A good leader is objective, fair and reasonable
  • A good leader takes responsibility for their own actions as well as the action of others
  • A good leader acts with conviction
  • A good leader provides clear direction
  • A good leader communicates effectively
  • A good leader discharges of a Duty of Care to customers, clients and staff

Leadership Development Programme

image of manager explaining resilience

Our Leader Development Programme focuses on the behaviours and actions needed to establish rapport and strong relationships between leader and followers with the aim of achieving resilience, psychological wellbeing and high level performance.

The programme also provides the framework and actions for creating and sustaining a psychologically healthy, safe and resilient organisation.

Leader Development Programmes

  • Taking a Lead Development Programme
  • Transforming Managers into Leaders
  • eLearning – The Role of Leaders and Managers in Resilience
  • Mentoring with Derek Mowbray

Guides supporting Leader Development

  • Taking a Lead
  • Transforming Managers into Leaders
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Managers Role in Resilience

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