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Programmes for 2024


All our programmes are available as in house events - as masterclasses, seminars or awareness sessions depending on audience size and requirement. Many can be delivered online as well as in face to face sessions. For further information, please use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page

image of manager explaining resilience

Taking a Lead – a leader development programme for leaders, managers, and those aspiring to be leaders.

A leader’s purpose is taking a lead :-

To guarantee the workforce is in perfect working order, knows where it’s going and knows how to get there

Taking a Lead focuses on delivering a psychologically healthy and safe working environment that guarantees the workforce is in perfect working order.

Delivery of this programme can be in a variety of ways from a short online awareness sessions to a full 2 day in depth face to face workshop.

Mentoring with Mowbray

Mentoring sessions with organisation health psychologist Dr Derek Mowbray are confidential conversations between colleagues, designed to focus on the needs of the mentee. The nature of the relationship is one of sharing, encouragement, support and opening up ideas, opportunities and broadening horizons.

These sessions are expected to last about an hour

Resilience - the Whole Picture

Resilience is about the inter-connection between the working environment and the individual.

An Executive Briefing workshop for Senior Leaders delivered by Dr Derek Mowbray.

This programme is available as both a short awareness session (on-line or face to face) and a more in depth programme (face to face)

Resilience Masterclass for Champions of Wellbeing and Performance.

Personal resilience training has probably the most immediate and sustained impact on the primary prevention of stress at work. This Resilience Masterclass for Champions of Wellbeing and Performance is delivered as a face to face workshop or in short on-line mentoring style sessions by Dr Derek Mowbray.

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