Organisation Health

Creating and sustaining a psychologically healthy working environment

Organisation Health - A Brief Guide

The culture of organisations has a massive influence on the behaviour of everyone in it and those who visit.

To prevent stress and produce high performance the culture needs to provoke everyone to behave and take actions in ways that enhance commitment, trust and engagement between the workforce and the organisation.

A psychologically healthy and safe organisation reduces the risk of stress and increases the opportunity for high performance.

image of manager explaining resilience

Organisation Health Development Programme

This programme is designed to prevent the adversities in the workplace that risk causing negative stress amongst the workforce.

The processes of prevention achieve the added benefit of stimulating psychological wellbeing which helps to drive people and the organisation to achieve peak performance.

Prevention of stress and the stimulation of psychological wellbeing has a massive impact on improving overall performance and on eliminating the costs associated with being unwell and underperformance.

The Programme covers the implementation of:

  • Outcomes led and values driven culture
  • BOLD Leaders and Adaptive Leadership
  • Sharing Responsibility for future success amongst everyone in the organisation
  • Psychological Responsibility
  • Intelligent Management

These form the context in which people work. They create an overall culture which is positive and psychologically healthy, that cascades throughout the organisation and influences the behaviour of everyone.

image of manager explaining resilience

Organisation Health Development Programme

Find out more

To read about the contents of this development programme please take a look at Taking a Lead which provides all the details necessary to create a fabulous place to work.

For information about delivering this programme please contact Derek Mowbray using the contact form below

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