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About MAS

The Management Advisory Service is an organisation dedicated to providing you with specialised management and executive services.

We are specialists in Organisation and Leadership Development and Corporate and Personal Resilience.

Our team is made up of very experienced business professionals who combine both academic and commercial skills and is headed by Dr. Derek Mowbray.

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Derek Mowbray
BA., MSc., MSc(Econ)., PhD., DipPsych., CPsychol., CSci., FBPsS, FIHM., FISMA..

Derek Mowbray is a Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Scientist with a doctorate in leadership. His specialties are building organisation wide Positive Work Cultures, adaptive leaders, and effective managers.

His approach is to use cultural and behavioural influences that build commitment, trust and engagement, and linking these to his models of organisation development and personal performance.

The WellBeing and Performance Agenda

He is the architect of The WellBeing and Performance Agenda which is a framework for turning organisations into ‘fabulous places to work’. He is behind the idea of promoting Psychological Responsibility in the workplace where everyone has a responsibility for the psychological wellbeing of themselves and everyone else.

Current roll
  • mentors Champions for Change to develop and sustain the cultural environment with characteristics of a healthy and resilient organisation;
  • mentors leaders and managers in the principles of Adaptive Leadership;
  • advises on the approaches to sustain a healthy working environment, including the management processes needed to create and sustain commitment, trust and engagement; and
  • mentors, coaches and teaches personal resilience techniques to managers and staff.


In his earlier life, Derek worked in the UK National Health Service, as, amongst other roles, District Administrator at St Thomas’ Health District (a major London teaching hospital), Regional General Manager as director, The Management Advisory Service to the NHS, and Director, The Beeches Management Centre in Belfast.

Derek Mowbray’s clients are from all sectors and all shapes and sizes and from throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. In 2011 his Resilience Programme was rolled out in the USA and in Switzerland, and in 2012 in Italy, as well as throughout the UK.

Derek has advised the UK Government, the Irish Government, the Governments of the USA, New South Wales and New Zealand on issues relating to the application of research into practice. He has also held a Secretary of State Fellowship, a Kings Fund Fellowship, an honorary research fellowship at St. Thomas’s, and visiting fellowships at the Universities of Westminster, Surrey and Central Lancashire. He has worked as an Independent Technical Expert for the EU.

Derek is an excellent public speaker on subjects such as Creating a Culture for Wellbeing and Performance, Corporate and Personal Resilience and Management Behaviours that Minimise Workplace Stress. He is a regular contributor to HSE, CIPD, HSJ, and LinkedIn communities, and has made national presentations at conferences for the Institute of Healthcare Management, International Stress Management Association, British Psychological Society, CIPD, IBEC, Health and Wellbeing at Work, NHS Employers, the HSJ World Class Workforce, Royal College of General Practitioners.

Derek Mowbray is a Trustee of The International Stress Management Association (ISMA) and a director of The National Centre for Applied Psychology. He is also an Independent Technical Expert to the European Commission on Psychological Wellbeing at Work.

Quotes about Derek Mowbray

"Thank you for your most informative input to CIPD seminar in Belfast last Wed. We really could have listened to you all day.I am sorry you had to rush your wonderful content."

"Derek, Thanks again for your insight. You bring great clarity and substance to the subject of workplace stress. Your education and experience show!"

"Feedback from your presentation was very positive - staff were very engaged with the ideas and frameworks that you presented and the way in which you humanised and made them real with examples - and found the topic fascinating. It was great to have such a large area covered in such a concise and clear way that didn't minimise the issues but made them accessible too."
Consultant Lead Psychologist in Health and Work.

"Many thanks for a wonderful session at the RCGP Conference in Liverpool - an excellent and inspiring workshop on organisational, professional and personal well being."

"Very enjoyable day, Prof Mowbray was excellent." Following WHPMA Conference

"Thank you again, Derek - I always enjoy reading your thoughts on wellbeing and performance - you have now been placed in my "inspirational thinkers" box, alongside Carol Black and David Cameron."

"MANY thanks again for an excellent day packed with stimulating, culture-changing and thought-provoking stuff; a veritable goldmine."

"I have just read your presentation "A Positive Work Culture ..."Exactly what it says on the tin, an absolute must read for any company wishing to follow the road to success in todays competitive marketplace. Your content and layout made it so easy to understand."

"Fabulous" Senior Manager, Roche, San Francisco following a Resilience Programme

"One of the most refreshingly visionary voices today - EVERYONE should be listening to what Professor Mowbray is saying".

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