Transforming Managers into Leaders

Transforming Managers into Leaders

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Title: Derek Mowbray's guide to Transforming Managers into Leaders
Subject Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Publisher MAS Publishing Ltd
Published on April 2018
Binding Spiral Bound
No of Pages 120
ISBN 978-0-9573835-9-3
Price £14.99
Transforming Managers into Leaders
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Transforming Managers into Leaders

Brilliant leaders deal with uncertainty, navigate through the maze of conflicting demands, can envision the future, and convey their enthusiasm and complete commitment to achieving great success. They inspire followers to achieve their dreams.

Managers, on the other hand, deal with processes and certainty. Their lives revolve around completing tasks and delivering what is expected from them. When they come to deal with people, they deal with them as part of a process, not necessarily as bundles of energy, huge amounts of intelligence, massive ranges of skill and loads of experience, but as part of a process that they, as managers, have to deliver. They often tell others what to do. They don’t seek to influence and persuade.

Managers know they should behave as leaders but can’t and don’t. They often don’t know how. They don’t acknowledge this. They’ve reached dizzy heights in the organisation, where admitting to anything is rare, as doing so is regarded as some kind of weakness, and shameful, by their peers. As the levels of stress and psychopresenteeism are so high, and productivity and performance is nowhere near true and full potential, businesses are letting themselves down. They are not investing in leaders who know how to lead and inspire the workforce; leaders who can prevent stress; and leaders who can turn their business into a fabulous and high performing place to work.

This Guide helps to transform managers into leaders who lead people. It provides insights into the purpose of leaders, everyday behaviours that inspire, and the behaviours that persuade. It sets out the steps to create a healthy organisation - a pre-requisite for a successful business, one that realises its true and full potential..

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