Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership

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Title: Derek Mowbray's guide to Adaptive Leadership
Subject Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Publisher MAS Publishing Ltd
Published on March 2014
Binding Ring Bound
No of Pages 85
ISBN 978-0-9573835-2-4
Price £14.99
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Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership is a process. It is a process that is best applied to organisations with jobs requiring people to use their judgment in the course of their daily work.

The basic principle of Adaptive Leadership is sharing responsibility for the future success of the organisation. This responsibility is shared across the workforce as a whole.

The process is based on the knowledge that healthy self interest, and that of others, is tied together.

The Adaptive Leadership process achieves many goals relevant to psychological wellbeing, including facilitating commitment, trust, engagement and kinship.

Commitment, trust, engagement and kinship are evidenced as having the greatest impact on preventing psychological distress and provoking psychological wellbeing.

About the Guide to Adaptive Leadership:

The Guide explains Adaptive Leadership, provides practical exercises and assessments and sets out the phases of implementation.

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