Team Resilience

Team Resilience

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Title: Derek Mowbray's Guide to Team Resilience
Subject Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Publisher MAS Publishing Ltd
Published on August 2017
Binding Ring Bound
No of Pages 102
ISBN 978-0-9573835-7-9
Price £14.99
Team Resilience Guide
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Team Resilience

Purpose of the guide

This guide helps teams to establish the characteristics of a resilient team, and to prevent them from becoming groups which are insensitive to their environment.

The purpose is to develop teams as vibrant mini organisations with the capability and capacity to rise to, and overcome, challenges.

This guide requires team members to work together on the exercises to collectively develop their resilience and strengthen their psychological wellbeing.

The aim of the guide is to raise awareness and impart understanding. In the guide you will find frameworks, questionnaires and exercises to help develop resilient, high performing teams.

The framework for Team Resilience

The framework used to establish team resilience has five elements –

  • Leadership;
  • Team Identity - Purpose and Values;
  • Embedding the concept of Sharing Responsibility for the future success of the organisation;
  • Taking Psychological Responsibility for self and others and
  • Responsible Management.

The exercises and questionnaires in the Guide require teams to work together to raise awareness and understanding, and collectively develop resilience and the intelligent behaviours found in high performing teams.

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