Mini Resilience Guide Set

Mini Resilience Guide Set

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Mini Resilience Guide Set
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Mini Resilience Guides Set Contents

Personal Resilience

Derek Mowbray has created an excellent practical book on strengthening personal resilience entitled the Guide to Personal Resilience. This book will help you boost your personal resilience. It’s all about YOU.

This Guide to Personal Resilience contains over 25 practical exercises along with assessments and questionnaires - including our Resilience Assessment Questionnaire. When taken together, they will help to boost overall personal resilience.

Manager's Role in Resilience

Managers operate at all levels of the organisation. They set the tone, the climate and the expectations for the workforce. They wield enormous power over others and it is important that this power is used to achieve mental wellbeing and performance for organisations to achieve consistent peak performance.

This Guide aims to help with the creation of a working environment that provokes positive attitudes and peak performance within the workforce, reduces the events and poor behaviours that may trigger stress and reduces the need for the workforce to call on their resilience.

Team Resilience

For teams to perform at their peak, they must be harmonious and self-critical, with a culture that is open, transparent, yet stimulating, whilst achieving a common purpose and, above all, there must be trust. Team members need to feel consistently psychologically well, as this, combined with motivation and a positive attitude, offers the opportunity for it to perform at its peak.

The Guide to Team Resilience aims to develop teams as vibrant mini organisations, sensitive to their environment and with the capability and capacity to maintain performance through change and challenge.

The exercises and questionnaires in the Guide require teams to work together to raise awareness and understanding, and collectively develop resilience and the intelligent behaviours found in high performing teams.

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