Managers Role in Resilience

Managers Role in Resilience

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Title: Derek Mowbray's Guide to the Managers Role in Resilience
Subject Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Publisher MAS Publishing Ltd
Published on August 2014
Binding Ring Bound
No of Pages 122
ISBN 978-0-9573835-4-8
Price £14.99
Managers Role in Resilience
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The Manager's Role in Resilience

Managers operate at all levels of the organisation. They set the tone, the climate and the expectations for the workforce. They control a controlled community - the workplace. Managers wield enormous power over others and it is important that this power is used to achieve mental wellbeing and performance for organisations to achieve consistent peak performance.

This Guide helps managers at all levels to prevent their staff from experiencing strain and stress and having to call on their resilience at work. This Guide helps managers create and sustain a healthy working environment that provokes people to work hard, feel great and cope effectively with daily working life by preventing events and behaviours that can cause stress.

This Guide helps managers behave and act in ways that provoke their staff to have positive attitudes towards them and their organisation.

The aim of this Guide is the creation of a working environment that provokes peak performance, reduces the events and poor behaviours that may trigger stress and reduces the need for the workforce to call on their resilience.

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