Taking a Lead

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Title: Taking a Lead
Author: Derek Mowbray
Subject Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Publisher MAS Publishing Ltd
Published on January 2021
Binding A4 Spiral Bound
No of Pages 134
ISBN 978-1-5272-8093-9
Price £39.00

Taking a Lead

A leader and leadership model for all times

In any organisation, leaders are critical to its success. They set the direction, drive the navigation through challenging events and set the tone for the workforce to follow.

Leaders deal with uncertainty. They use their intelligence, experience and intuition, along with their personalities, to tackle challenges for which there is no single solution and no certainty of outcome.

One such challenge is the high level of psycho-presenteeism and negative stress in organisations, often associated with a psychologically unsafe environment, where individuals are fearful of making contributions beyond the bare minimum of their job.

This is normally the result of disregard by leaders and managers for the needs of individuals in the workforce, resulting in their poor engagement with work and the organisation. Psycho-presenteeism (people coming to work in body but not in mind) is a major cause of under-performance, low productivity, lack of innovation and huge excess costs.

It’s not an easy phenomenon to reduce or eliminate. But outstanding leadership does the job. Outstanding leaders make sure the workforce feels a strong sense of ownership, commitment, trust and social engagement, which results in a cultural environment that provokes individuals in the workforce to feel great, committed, energised and motivated to make the organisation a huge success through their contribution, which is often way beyond their job.

This goes a very long way to eliminating psycho-presenteeism and the negative aspects of stress. The process of eliminating psycho-presenteeism results in a vibrant, energised, compassionate and supportive working environment, characterised by commitment, trust, engagement and motivation.

Leader development programmes often don’t focus on the skills needed by leaders and managers (acting as leaders) to create positive cultures, and behaviours that provoke individuals to feel great.

This Guide, ‘Taking a Lead’, provides explanations, frameworks, assessments, questionnaires and exercises for leaders and managers who wish their organisation to achieve outstanding success by persuading their workforce to perform consistently at its peak.

‘Taking a Lead’ is a Leader Development Programme. It is a programme which can be facilitated by Derek Mowbray, or, if your organisation runs its own leadership development programmes internally, it can be used with Action Learning sets – the purchase of the Guide for each delegate accommodates copyright issues.

About the Guide. The Guide is a practical workbook with explanations, questionnaires and exercises. It is A4, spiral bound, 134 pages, designed to be written in and referred to as the learning is embedded and put into practice.

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